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LifeMapper Stats Updated : 9/12/2004 9:00:13 PM UTC Stats Updated :9/12/2004 9:10:06 PM UTC
RankLifeMapper NameModels
Time Donated6hr
1888818756+3613631d 23h 6min+1d 1h 22min12100+0NO
2Condor_fdc295752+05767d 13h 15min+0d 0h 0min9631+0NO
3Fritz199140+02746d 7h 30min+0d 0h 0min8508+0NO
4Silverthorne189413+3052621d 5h 40min+3d 21h 1min11648+7NO
5PCZ167674+172567d 16h 40min+0d 6h 0min7445+0NO
6Strop159772+03157d 18h 29min+0d 0h 0min9647+0NO
7Aydon157413+652766d 21h 44min+1d 10h 42min11759+0NO
8MAOJC149372+02166d 3h 48min+0d 0h 0min6686+0NO
9Oldguy145299+121682d 17h 25min+0d 3h 32min7908+0NO
10Team [GSV]143319+342784d 22h 12min+0d 14h 18min10409+0NO
11Dezyboy & Foxylady137745+1352013d 18h 27min+1d 22h 20min11401+0NO
12Santar136404+1621609d 20h 22min+2d 1h 19min10926+0NO
13Bok125880+91982d 10h 4min+0d 5h 52min9010+0NO
14tpr-wolf124353+03152d 9h 41min+0d 0h 0min7439+0NO
15TPR-markONE121606+731294d 17h 49min+0d 18h 2min1118+0NO
16railfan104736+972273d 8h 53min+2d 6h 22min598+0NO
17Jeff96479+91568d 7h 48min+0d 5h 53min10278+0NO
18HairyMonster93732+61516d 23h 27min+0d 11h 11min8651+0NO
19rjkc491367+01643d 9h 8min+0d 0h 0min9885+0NO
20TA_LastKnight87649+1231746d 8h 8min+2d 5h 31min8911+0NO
21Landor81022+01323d 16h 40min+0d 0h 0min7123+0NO
22Just1Vet80171+311178d 12h 13min+0d 12h 7min9573+0NO
23DesertFolk79232+02422d 8h 47min+0d 0h 0min4719+0NO
24edco78835+01211d 1h 56min+0d 0h 0min7354+0NO
25allen78257+83057d 9h 34min+0d 6h 39min1173+0NO
26step200074034+1021681d 21h 22min+2d 15h 21min9163+0NO
27linuxdude73458+102578d 0h 19min+0d 5h 56min9650+0NO
28Skycrane72937+0859d 8h 22min+0d 0h 0min8239+0NO
29kaiowas72892+01003d 17h 25min+0d 0h 0min8073+0NO
30kraut72631+02537d 0h 13min+0d 0h 0min9169+0NO
31LISASIMPSON69858+81379d 6h 46min+0d 5h 53min6421+0NO
32Jim Croft65934+01035d 22h 57min+0d 0h 0min3674+0NO
33Chaz64332+14700d 11h 59min+0d 6h 5min1115+0NO
34Francis63658+0777d 11h 37min+0d 0h 0min7916+0NO
35MaYnArD63587+82969d 1h 59min+1d 12h 2min9029+0NO
36FoBoT63416+111221d 12h 40min+0d 6h 4min4784+0NO
37Stan Ray62954+0923d 9h 44min+0d 0h 0min4228+0NO
38Curly9962809+42645d 3h 7min+0d 12h 6min10665+2NO
39Alta Rica62583+101458d 15h 50min+0d 7h 31min8779+0NO
40Lexx60373+0860d 2h 28min+0d 0h 0min7923+0NO
41USDCNode159848+0638d 21h 29min+0d 0h 0min8494+0NO
42Gandolf59665+553076d 0h 0min+2d 23h 22min9662+0NO
43GeorgeCr57293+8830d 21h 13min+0d 5h 58min9623+0NO
44SoulAssassin56173+641205d 3h 23min+1d 8h 47min7418+1NO
45Mulda56018+2581174d 19h 7min+3d 21h 25min5664+77NO
46[TA]wischeez55605+26719d 9h 26min+0d 11h 19min7651+0NO
47IronBits54030+0658d 12h 50min+0d 0h 0min6550+0NO
48scubasteve50663+0593d 9h 1min+0d 0h 0min7375+0NO
49Dr Zoidberg50136+8846d 6h 53min+0d 5h 35min8797+0NO
50grunter47263+01021d 14h 19min+0d 0h 0min6878+0NO
RankLifeMapper NameModels
Time Donated6hr
51Gandelf47259+0829d 19h 18min+0d 0h 0min4665+0NO
52sparks46893+0497d 23h 34min+0d 0h 0min7626+0NO
53Richard Ellis46687+651194d 0h 43min+1d 17h 0min2506+0NO
54BaRu46479+51840d 18h 44min+1d 2h 24min9067+0NO
55RobertNash45977+0684d 20h 47min+0d 0h 0min3464+0NO
56DrEvil45603+0804d 8h 28min+0d 0h 0min4376+0NO
57USDCNode2a44819+76547d 10h 6min+0d 18h 34min5036+0NO
58Wyntrblue`n`Grrrd43978+1031160d 10h 21min+1d 7h 11min7468+0NO
59Tom41951+0839d 14h 41min+0d 0h 0min6548+0NO
60Muppet #9 unt Spaceboy40413+67801d 13h 35min+0d 21h 59min7380+0NO
61COUGAR40263+341349d 4h 20min+1d 8h 57min8388+1NO
62Spectre40127+33730d 16h 2min+0d 11h 20min6408+0NO
63Morphy37539926+1765d 3h 19min+0d 0h 15min2862+0NO
64J.R. Page39139+01378d 12h 43min+0d 0h 0min6746+0NO
65hustler73838873+74619d 6h 25min+0d 21h 46min7884+0NO
66taliesyn38164+37608d 2h 3min+0d 12h 12min7336+0NO
67DoubleTop37884+0671d 1h 37min+0d 0h 0min2510+0NO
68Artur Macedo37705+0638d 10h 41min+0d 0h 0min4883+0NO
69Steve B37392+15457d 6h 11min+0d 6h 13min7479+0NO
70Bozo37142+0541d 14h 1min+0d 0h 0min5884+0NO
71Rebel37063+44816d 5h 56min+0d 13h 47min2605+0NO
72Dinodelta36703+0561d 8h 59min+0d 0h 0min7114+0NO
73striker73735172+0583d 1h 55min+0d 0h 0min3538+0NO
74amd.borg34289+56864d 22h 39min+1d 6h 0min7230+0NO
75kk.net33960+6543d 4h 31min+0d 1h 40min8105+0NO
76Penfold33935+0435d 7h 9min+0d 0h 0min4694+0NO
77USDCNode2b33900+0337d 5h 5min+0d 0h 0min4183+0NO
78NYX3 - Flexframe32418+01226d 13h 2min+0d 0h 0min3624+0NO
79Speedo32044+0506d 7h 3min+0d 0h 0min7556+0NO
80feeson31889+39565d 22h 36min+0d 14h 16min7770+0NO
81Vaakoon31436+0527d 18h 34min+0d 0h 0min1206+0NO
82jimeez31372+7494d 19h 5min+0d 6h 14min2052+0NO
83grobinette31349+0359d 3h 16min+0d 0h 0min6942+0NO
84maquejp30996+0896d 5h 6min+0d 0h 0min6447+0NO
85jawboney30525+01063d 11h 2min+0d 0h 0min5468+0NO
86Narwhal29572+0660d 7h 10min+0d 0h 0min4490+0NO
87LeonR29233+0797d 20h 13min+0d 0h 0min5104+0NO
88MWJR28392+01004d 1h 32min+0d 0h 0min3634+0NO
89strike41 & derpons28194+0338d 8h 40min+0d 0h 0min6752+0NO
90VFRmaniac27496+0623d 1h 10min+0d 0h 0min7742+0NO
91pixiebot27154+130283d 13h 37min+1d 5h 56min7027+56NO
92Jim Beach27048+0308d 6h 16min+0d 0h 0min3860+0NO
93FKroog26721+0715d 6h 32min+0d 0h 0min4216+0NO
94suzukaze26249+10735d 12h 26min+0d 5h 58min4657+2NO
95Tarzan25881+19467d 18h 32min+0d 5h 52min2032+0NO
96IDLORJ25840+0447d 5h 33min+0d 0h 0min5813+0NO
97chardmarky25773+18527d 9h 29min+0d 6h 8min6318+0NO
98AndyGerberich25528+13529d 13h 15min+0d 10h 25min6976+0NO
99[TPR] Goody60025463+0521d 9h 8min+0d 0h 0min6527+0NO
100wcd4525218+0651d 23h 38min+0d 0h 0min2839+0NO
RankLifeMapper NameModels
Time Donated6hr
101Steven B. Case24691+4425d 6h 39min+0d 3h 11min6949+0NO
102TPR_Mojo24227+0419d 16h 38min+0d 0h 0min4532+0NO
103Terminator23772+0286d 9h 0min+0d 0h 0min4104+0NO
104Sirius23284+0463d 8h 0min+0d 0h 0min7103+0NO
105[TA]Rebel Alliance23272+16448d 14h 37min+0d 12h 9min1096+0NO
106mackerel23019+0354d 9h 18min+0d 0h 0min5514+0NO
107hoppisaur22880+0405d 5h 4min+0d 0h 0min6686+0NO
108AFTP22810+41550d 13h 24min+0d 23h 13min1096+0NO
109Mrs Balrog22102+0526d 10h 34min+0d 0h 0min1348+0NO
110Saracen21956+31462d 0h 7min+0d 13h 14min6540+0NO
111willy121846+0340d 5h 32min+0d 0h 0min6144+0NO
112Rechtsconsulter21462+11544d 11h 31min+0d 10h 11min5536+0NO
113rcoulter21395+82571d 19h 13min+2d 0h 14min4253+0NO
114conservebirdhabitat.com21362+37466d 17h 0min+0d 17h 44min7647+0NO
115Blum, Stan21164+0347d 10h 32min+0d 0h 0min2316+0NO
116WienerDog20799+0240d 16h 22min+0d 0h 0min3812+0NO
117Fatsie20636+0413d 12h 16min+0d 0h 0min325+0NO
118Bubi@work20568+0254d 13h 9min+0d 0h 0min5295+0NO
119KYOGRE20021+471365d 9h 38min+0d 17h 1min2131+0NO
120pmendygral19885+0457d 16h 41min+0d 0h 0min4571+0NO
121kpostuma19791+0332d 22h 26min+0d 0h 0min5987+0NO
122DarknessProductions19774+0407d 4h 6min+0d 0h 0min2924+0NO
123ghglenn19538+0354d 11h 10min+0d 0h 0min4610+0NO
124overhill19323+37485d 9h 52min+0d 16h 48min6158+0NO
125Robert A. Morris19247+2692d 2h 22min+0d 2h 6min944+2NO
126jcsjr19197+0360d 5h 40min+0d 0h 0min5640+0NO
127leconc19084+0221d 13h 38min+0d 0h 0min4297+0NO
128Eazieb18973+0195d 12h 45min+0d 0h 0min6184+0NO
129Kris18919+0279d 2h 49min+0d 0h 0min6213+0NO
130dentist18720+0264d 21h 30min+0d 0h 0min5681+0NO
131tuco18658+1748d 16h 9min+0d 0h 26min5601+0NO
132Hannes18596+21533d 11h 15min+0d 8h 11min1445+0NO
133Madcat18443+0213d 9h 6min+0d 0h 0min4447+0NO
134PurDunamis18201+0388d 7h 37min+0d 0h 0min5780+0NO
135dreplogle18121+43239d 23h 57min+0d 8h 0min4286+3NO
136mikelo17983+10414d 20h 56min+0d 4h 15min6816+0NO
137mdgfishing17721+28185d 9h 43min+0d 6h 12min2025+0NO
138Jim17709+0303d 23h 35min+0d 0h 0min5157+0NO
139Saxophonoia17703+25275d 6h 15min+0d 12h 28min3826+0NO
140Mad Bad John17470+0450d 1h 58min+0d 0h 0min1496+0NO
141Sir Ulli17462+3143216d 11h 25min+42d 7h 53min1630+107NO
142Surf_Dog200217399+0252d 23h 40min+0d 0h 0min1120+0NO
143Loek17377+15212d 20h 20min+1d 0h 36min5630+0NO
144vinovia17149+0231d 3h 24min+0d 0h 0min3170+0NO
145euronet16932+0353d 21h 47min+0d 0h 0min3130+0NO
146jmtyodi16869+0228d 19h 19min+0d 0h 0min4155+0NO
147MindYerBeak16860+16243d 9h 50min+0d 5h 50min584+0NO
148xjamesx16726+0235d 8h 40min+0d 0h 0min5030+0NO
149pipin16600+0320d 10h 18min+0d 0h 0min1423+0NO
150mackerel [TPR]16514+0277d 9h 25min+0d 0h 0min2804+0NO
RankLifeMapper NameModels
Time Donated6hr
151Cyberseye16356+0448d 3h 26min+0d 0h 0min1039+0NO
152albor16003+0339d 5h 43min+0d 0h 0min449+0NO
153pben15681+0343d 19h 38min+0d 0h 0min5894+0NO
154Marduk15510+7319d 19h 14min+0d 4h 24min757+0NO
155Ticker15405+0136d 21h 37min+0d 0h 0min4316+0NO
156Wilderbeast15353+43195d 7h 51min+0d 12h 0min827+0NO
157bertha3715322+15265d 22h 59min+0d 5h 50min2745+0NO
158Chattell15301+20639d 15h 10min+0d 6h 14min6111+0NO
159Glenn Nichols15245+16262d 11h 53min+0d 5h 50min4817+5NO
160klausfrog15178+0141d 15h 7min+0d 0h 0min4957+0NO
161ddrogers15134+0198d 6h 7min+0d 0h 0min6163+0NO
162Gargoyle15100+4443d 15h 26min+0d 4h 46min5611+0NO
163Howard715015+1780d 9h 3min+0d 9h 46min4378+0NO
164Nitrousine14978+0170d 10h 24min+0d 0h 0min5341+0NO
165Phwaap14875+69230d 6h 9min+1d 6h 27min4065+0NO
166vaughan14782+0191d 10h 18min+0d 0h 0min1094+0NO
167Susan at home14719+0218d 17h 58min+0d 0h 0min3682+0NO
168scottsaxman14703+0266d 13h 30min+0d 0h 0min5699+0NO
169woodquarter14579+66347d 5h 13min+0d 17h 26min5241+0NO
170Rod Hanley14570+0201d 22h 59min+0d 0h 0min2791+0NO
171Sir Ulli14319+0174d 3h 32min+42d 7h 53min1523+0NO
172barcode14244+0487d 19h 3min+0d 0h 0min2391+0NO
173IDB14228+0291d 3h 56min+0d 0h 0min1112+0NO
174desti13929+0210d 3h 48min+0d 0h 0min4587+0NO
175kyparrish13820+0143d 11h 36min+0d 0h 0min5053+0NO
176Ciccio13734+0204d 6h 30min+0d 0h 0min2494+0NO
177raptorla13701+1426d 4h 50min+0d 1h 8min5281+0NO
178IAC13630+98309d 6h 8min+2d 8h 1min787+0NO
179Darkman13613+0218d 11h 52min+0d 0h 0min2326+0NO
180Confused13014+8751d 15h 12min+0d 5h 29min4570+0NO
181pjan12989+0323d 16h 9min+0d 0h 0min4174+0NO
182loulou12912+0732d 14h 21min+0d 0h 0min4633+0NO
183Frog Defender12767+0137d 20h 45min+0d 0h 0min2925+0NO
184Boa12656+6213d 17h 17min+0d 7h 22min4541+0NO
185The Harden Family12648+5267d 20h 43min+0d 2h 24min5804+0NO
186railyard12563+0316d 19h 54min+0d 0h 0min4826+0NO
187Rob Stevenson12526+4180d 23h 8min+0d 2h 46min974+4NO
188LinearA12517+0127d 16h 13min+0d 0h 0min4444+0NO
189scarruth12507+10744d 23h 2min+0d 8h 39min5582+0NO
190Toutouf12476+0517d 5h 38min+0d 0h 0min4644+0NO
1912blue4u12351+0241d 13h 26min+0d 0h 0min777+0NO
192onelin12326+55294d 13h 36min+1d 0h 0min3939+5NO
193Bullseye12268+39176d 21h 45min+0d 12h 0min4096+0NO
194[DPC] Calslaan 7-112242+0174d 7h 49min+0d 0h 0min4513+0NO
195offamychain12057+0214d 16h 8min+0d 0h 0min2655+0NO
196Ricardo Scachetti Pereira12026+0151d 7h 24min+0d 0h 0min2488+0NO
197galo11957+20238d 23h 57min+0d 6h 1min3706+0NO
198AfterDark11607+4301d 3h 58min+0d 0h 25min5248+0NO
199scruff3511568+0128d 21h 40min+0d 0h 0min4028+0NO
200Arnim Weber11439+0191d 6h 18min+0d 0h 0min3627+0NO
RankLifeMapper NameModels
Time Donated6hr
201portstorm11251+7196d 12h 54min+0d 5h 12min2314+0NO
202ThunderTNT11153+0209d 23h 30min+0d 0h 0min3056+0NO
203gistech197811101+0184d 13h 32min+0d 0h 0min4327+0NO
204Zeuge10949+0136d 12h 42min+0d 0h 0min3142+0NO
205reboot10885+0134d 20h 21min+0d 0h 0min3588+0NO
206boomerwang10819+0290d 6h 43min+0d 0h 0min2930+0NO
207Robert MacArthur10736+0206d 5h 21min+0d 0h 0min4823+0NO
208Stormgiant10732+0134d 7h 50min+0d 0h 0min4095+0NO
209Sebastion10515+0185d 19h 43min+0d 0h 0min4029+0NO
210Searching10494+0220d 11h 46min+0d 0h 0min3046+0NO
211Anna Santos10359+0176d 8h 25min+0d 0h 0min298+0NO
212Merlin10351+0120d 16h 21min+0d 0h 0min1278+0NO
213Michael_HW_Weber10275+0192d 21h 57min+0d 0h 0min4545+0NO
214ECL10253+0168d 0h 29min+0d 0h 0min3866+0NO
215ko10252+0216d 18h 41min+0d 0h 0min4551+0NO
216node3b10147+0141d 1h 48min+0d 0h 0min3493+0NO
217Trons10131+15317d 23h 4min+0d 6h 15min513+0NO
218Gipe10089+0237d 15h 27min+0d 0h 0min3733+0NO
219Christian Diepold10000+0219d 13h 48min+0d 0h 0min3482+0NO
220Helix_Von_Smelix9883+0129d 17h 34min+0d 0h 0min3330+0NO
221Harald...9690+738380d 15h 38min+24d 19h 26min2085+0NO
222Nick9601+0207d 21h 23min+0d 0h 0min1580+0NO
223camliner9396+0178d 16h 17min+0d 0h 0min1209+0NO
224Special K9356+3329d 15h 6min+0d 5h 54min2488+0NO
225Matt Passell9351+0281d 16h 4min+0d 0h 0min198+0NO
226lab_boy9192+0154d 0h 27min+0d 0h 0min2648+0NO
227unionpacific599127+096d 2h 56min+0d 0h 0min2897+0NO
228beetledude9086+067d 9h 58min+0d 0h 0min446+0NO
229Farley9021+9294d 15h 8min+0d 6h 14min4819+0NO
230Leon B. Deutsch8963+0327d 19h 45min+0d 0h 0min4185+0NO
231USDCNode38860+0109d 9h 31min+0d 0h 0min2961+0NO
232Gcracker30008757+3234d 10h 49min+0d 4h 43min3440+0NO
233Dan8752+073d 7h 12min+0d 0h 0min1515+0NO
234Jimwyser8678+0227d 23h 47min+0d 0h 0min1259+0NO
235Matt E8677+0160d 8h 59min+0d 0h 0min3675+0NO
236Airmax8605+079d 8h 10min+0d 0h 0min1983+0NO
237Norman Johnson8499+0435d 16h 46min+0d 0h 0min923+0NO
238Jim Andreasen8402+080d 6h 28min+0d 0h 0min1213+0NO
239jhp7e8376+1318d 11h 52min+0d 2h 34min4039+0NO
2401setter8366+6216d 4h 48min+0d 3h 24min4334+1NO
241preecey and efaill8321+0180d 15h 48min+0d 0h 0min3651+0NO
242pappistox8294+0115d 10h 16min+0d 0h 0min1075+0NO
243Aimee Stewart8277+0130d 9h 29min+0d 0h 0min2339+0NO
244Beerend8181+5212d 11h 16min+0d 3h 46min4261+0NO
245AvKyJJ8172+0129d 14h 8min+0d 0h 0min3732+0NO
246hempelr7900+2202d 19h 8min+0d 3h 15min1962+0NO
247Ahab7887+0151d 10h 22min+0d 0h 0min1712+0NO
248fixxxer7878+0226d 17h 50min+0d 0h 0min1970+0NO
249deeplife7837+0266d 15h 11min+0d 0h 0min3570+0NO
250Overkiller7777+0134d 17h 51min+0d 0h 0min2217+0NO
RankLifeMapper NameModels
Time Donated6hr
251Raul Jimenez7725+097d 20h 32min+0d 0h 0min3408+0NO
252SlangNRox7714+0148d 17h 43min+0d 0h 0min2725+0NO
253Adrian7588+331657d 12h 44min+0d 11h 58min2831+0NO
254Overclocker[TPR]7569+0121d 10h 10min+0d 0h 0min2149+0NO
255Bommer7534+0163d 6h 29min+0d 0h 0min4243+0NO
256Ragnarog7526+0129d 4h 7min+0d 0h 0min636+0NO
257Gopher7518+0103d 4h 22min+0d 0h 0min3627+0NO
258drsilo7517+5363d 1h 13min+0d 5h 17min3590+0NO
259Sheesh7491+098d 9h 40min+0d 0h 0min2385+0NO
260sawman7474+73210d 6h 22min+1d 7h 8min4256+11NO
261sir_aingeal7414+479d 15h 22min+0d 1h 33min4108+0NO
262*MAH*7346+064d 16h 52min+0d 0h 0min2090+0NO
263bakarun_sle7278+1129d 18h 23min+0d 0h 23min3812+0NO
264[TA]MechEng7271+0124d 3h 36min+0d 0h 0min2502+0NO
265On Arrival7258+075d 11h 9min+0d 0h 0min1428+0NO
266Johnny Fist7166+8878d 18h 18min+1d 0h 5min2052+0NO
267MrTFWitt7165+093d 12h 43min+0d 0h 0min2656+0NO
268aksurfer7147+11422d 12h 43min+0d 18h 17min2858+4NO
269InsUW7056+0128d 3h 33min+0d 0h 0min699+0NO
270August7044+4111d 21h 41min+0d 4h 6min3415+0NO
271McHendrix7018+4114d 8h 55min+0d 1h 50min4010+0NO
272Fish Lover7015+046d 18h 47min+0d 0h 0min2449+0NO
273Susanne6996+0155d 1h 29min+0d 0h 0min3494+0NO
274HeikoGrimm6978+8184d 20h 37min+0d 8h 55min2981+0NO
275gene_galaxo6962+0165d 0h 38min+0d 0h 0min2847+0NO
276Renata Chantrill6936+071d 19h 3min+0d 0h 0min1950+0NO
277PHOENIX6931+1587d 13h 18min+0d 6h 2min2079+0NO
278guruuu6913+0211d 1h 38min+0d 0h 0min3701+0NO
279Sir_Beam6868+076d 18h 1min+0d 0h 0min2699+0NO
280JUGGY6845+0277d 0h 48min+0d 0h 0min2520+0NO
281Meg Heimovics Kumin6818+0183d 4h 47min+0d 0h 0min3919+0NO
282AAdjuster6765+064d 11h 39min+0d 0h 0min2720+0NO
283Mikey6764+0112d 14h 23min+0d 0h 0min1491+0NO
284nickth6757+071d 2h 30min+0d 0h 0min1417+0NO
285robin6756+4163d 0h 47min+0d 1h 40min2600+0NO
286Unforgiven6746+3096d 11h 8min+0d 9h 44min2122+0NO
287tigers6689+0199d 6h 31min+0d 0h 0min1438+0NO
288Ordell6653+090d 13h 34min+0d 0h 0min2884+0NO
289JDErickson6638+083d 23h 28min+0d 0h 0min728+0NO
290setura6628+4226d 16h 47min+0d 4h 15min3719+0NO
291Miltman6568+0165d 19h 20min+0d 0h 0min3467+0NO
292aghman6551+4106d 5h 47min+0d 1h 17min370+3NO
293Moltres6519+10062d 22h 31min+0d 21h 47min357+0NO
294Maniac6519+0127d 22h 30min+0d 0h 0min2481+0NO
295Matt6510+0138d 0h 32min+0d 0h 0min783+0NO
296Kazar6505+071d 4h 53min+0d 0h 0min2386+0NO
297Project NEF6481+066d 21h 39min+0d 0h 0min1900+0NO
298Derekm6461+071d 22h 35min+0d 0h 0min3427+0NO
299Frank6458+0115d 9h 4min+0d 0h 0min3566+0NO
300Bod6432+068d 22h 31min+0d 0h 0min3164+0NO
RankLifeMapper NameModels
Time Donated6hr
 TOTALS9724803+7996183840d 5h 49min+184d 13h 15min1322757+291