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LifeMapper Stats Updated : 9/12/2004 9:02:08 PM UTC Stats Updated :9/12/2004 9:10:07 PM UTC
RankLifeMapper NameModels
Time Donated6hr
1MAOJC149372+02166d 3h 48min+0d 0h 0min6686+0NO
2tpr-wolf124353+03152d 9h 41min+0d 0h 0min7439+0NO
3TPR-markONE121606+731294d 17h 49min+0d 18h 2min1118+0NO
4Jeff96479+91568d 7h 48min+0d 5h 53min10278+0NO
5HairyMonster93732+61516d 23h 27min+0d 11h 11min8651+0NO
6allen78257+83057d 9h 34min+0d 6h 39min1173+0NO
7step200074034+1021681d 21h 22min+2d 15h 21min9163+0NO
8kraut72631+02537d 0h 13min+0d 0h 0min9169+0NO
9Curly9962809+42645d 3h 7min+0d 12h 6min10665+2NO
10Alta Rica62583+101458d 15h 50min+0d 7h 31min8779+0NO
11Mulda56018+2581174d 19h 7min+3d 21h 25min5664+77NO
12Gandelf47259+0829d 19h 18min+0d 0h 0min4665+0NO
13Richard Ellis46687+651194d 0h 43min+1d 17h 0min2506+0NO
14Wyntrblue`n`Grrrd43978+1031160d 10h 21min+1d 7h 11min7468+0NO
15Muppet #9 unt Spaceboy40413+67801d 13h 35min+0d 21h 59min7380+0NO
16DoubleTop37884+0671d 1h 37min+0d 0h 0min2510+0NO
17Speedo32044+0506d 7h 3min+0d 0h 0min7556+0NO
18[TPR] Goody60025463+0521d 9h 8min+0d 0h 0min6527+0NO
19TPR_Mojo24227+0419d 16h 38min+0d 0h 0min4532+0NO
20Mrs Balrog22102+0526d 10h 34min+0d 0h 0min1348+0NO
21KYOGRE20021+471365d 9h 38min+0d 17h 1min2131+0NO
22Sir Ulli17462+0216d 11h 25min+0d 0h 0min1630+0NO
23mackerel [TPR]16514+0277d 9h 25min+0d 0h 0min2804+0NO
24Phwaap14875+69230d 6h 9min+1d 6h 27min4065+0NO
25barcode14244+0487d 19h 3min+0d 0h 0min2391+0NO
26Ciccio13734+0204d 6h 30min+0d 0h 0min2494+0NO
27Bullseye12268+39176d 21h 45min+0d 12h 0min4096+0NO
28Special K9356+3329d 15h 6min+0d 5h 54min2488+0NO
29lab_boy9192+0154d 0h 27min+0d 0h 0min2648+0NO
30Jimwyser8678+0227d 23h 47min+0d 0h 0min1259+0NO
31preecey and efaill8321+0180d 15h 48min+0d 0h 0min3651+0NO
32pappistox8294+0115d 10h 16min+0d 0h 0min1075+0NO
33Overclocker[TPR]7569+0121d 10h 10min+0d 0h 0min2149+0NO
34MrTFWitt7165+093d 12h 43min+0d 0h 0min2656+0NO
35Renata Chantrill6936+071d 19h 3min+0d 0h 0min1950+0NO
36JUGGY6845+0277d 0h 48min+0d 0h 0min2520+0NO
37AAdjuster6765+064d 11h 39min+0d 0h 0min2720+0NO
38kefkef5665+18110d 6h 5min+0d 6h 0min1382+0NO
39MrSobre4810+058d 19h 36min+0d 0h 0min2370+0NO
40Michael and Daniel4222+1397d 9h 8min+0d 6h 0min1560+0NO
41brucie2269+351d 18h 9min+0d 4h 38min1159+2NO
42Nigma2172+031d 18h 37min+0d 0h 0min969+0NO
43andyu2047+028d 22h 43min+0d 0h 0min1285+0NO
44SizEzE1936+2771d 16h 10min+0d 14h 4min718+0NO
45riddlermarc1478+089d 6h 49min+0d 0h 0min1081+0NO
46Rangershash21426+022d 3h 34min+0d 0h 0min989+0NO
47Karlloss1402+013d 3h 3min+0d 0h 0min432+0NO
48PMM1323+045d 9h 23min+0d 0h 0min948+0NO
49gizmo1222+012d 8h 52min+0d 0h 0min677+0NO
50Bob-A-Job1029+011d 12h 42min+0d 0h 0min663+0NO
RankLifeMapper NameModels
Time Donated6hr
51metz20001002+039d 14h 53min+0d 0h 0min171+0NO
52kevdt67811+022d 18h 7min+0d 0h 0min560+0NO
53ReikiMaster562+017d 1h 42min+0d 0h 0min453+0NO
54AGD490+04d 2h 20min+0d 0h 0min411+0NO
55GAteKeeper405+010d 12h 39min+0d 0h 0min47+0NO
56Wolram337+54d 11h 59min+0d 1h 26min299+3NO
57wytey252+06d 0h 44min+0d 0h 0min231+0NO
58io_venus240+05d 14h 41min+0d 0h 0min169+0NO
59Radar86+03d 3h 13min+0d 0h 0min74+0NO
60Kirchoff75+01d 5h 30min+0d 0h 0min74+0NO
61SPEEDYJ48+00d 11h 19min+0d 0h 0min37+0NO
62wooyento27+01d 1h 48min+0d 0h 0min22+0NO
63pmiloscave14+00d 18h 3min+0d 0h 0min14+0NO
64Hoppy6+00d 14h 56min+0d 0h 0min6+0NO
65bachus anonymous6+00d 1h 22min+0d 0h 0min2+0NO
 TOTALS1535532+96732240d 16h 32min+17d 1h 48min182807+84