The Maps of Life
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LifeMapper Stats Updated : 9/12/2004 9:02:36 PM UTC Stats Updated :9/12/2004 9:10:06 PM UTC
RankLifeMapper NameModels
Time Donated4hr
1Condor_fdc295752+05767d 13h 15min+0d 0h 0min9631+0NO
2PCZ167674+172567d 16h 40min+0d 6h 0min7445+0NO
3Bok125880+91982d 10h 4min+0d 5h 52min9010+0NO
4DesertFolk79232+02422d 8h 47min+0d 0h 0min4719+0NO
5FoBoT63416+111221d 12h 40min+0d 6h 4min4784+0NO
6Lexx60373+0860d 2h 28min+0d 0h 0min7923+0NO
7IronBits54030+0658d 12h 50min+0d 0h 0min6550+0NO
8willy121846+0340d 5h 32min+0d 0h 0min6144+0NO
9rcoulter21395+82571d 19h 13min+2d 0h 14min4253+0NO
10DarknessProductions19774+0407d 4h 6min+0d 0h 0min2924+0NO
11Nitrousine14978+0170d 10h 24min+0d 0h 0min5341+0NO
12ECL10253+0168d 0h 29min+0d 0h 0min3866+0NO
13Helix_Von_Smelix9883+0129d 17h 34min+0d 0h 0min3330+0NO
14camliner9396+0178d 16h 17min+0d 0h 0min1209+0NO
15Gopher7518+0103d 4h 22min+0d 0h 0min3627+0NO
16nickth6757+071d 2h 30min+0d 0h 0min1417+0NO
17Georgina6238+0155d 23h 58min+0d 0h 0min2334+0NO
18rshepard5218+0156d 16h 38min+0d 0h 0min2158+0NO
19em99010pepe4921+073d 4h 45min+0d 0h 0min1864+0NO
20MrTRS4693+052d 20h 37min+0d 0h 0min3+0NO
21Supp4076+089d 14h 45min+0d 0h 0min2092+0NO
22prokaryote4070+046d 5h 39min+0d 0h 0min1537+0NO
23Longbow3726+0105d 17h 40min+0d 0h 0min227+0NO
24rsbriggs3141+039d 1h 48min+0d 0h 0min2060+0NO
25Fozzie3076+0165d 4h 43min+0d 0h 0min2007+0NO
26BrianM2793+065d 21h 16min+0d 0h 0min1833+0NO
27jkusuda2643+077d 14h 0min+0d 0h 0min560+0NO
28Evilmoose2589+030d 4h 2min+0d 0h 0min1346+0NO
29wysocki11989+046d 14h 11min+0d 0h 0min478+0NO
30FreeDC_Hydra_Central1837+044d 8h 32min+0d 0h 0min873+0NO
31magnav0x1607+032d 6h 24min+0d 0h 0min715+0NO
32Edo Rajh1342+027d 7h 42min+0d 0h 0min971+0NO
33matrix_fan913+026d 16h 44min+0d 0h 0min784+0NO
34Tyrfang584+016d 15h 56min+0d 0h 0min493+0NO
35Petey326+014d 17h 18min+0d 0h 0min277+0NO
36anarchy99244+03d 16h 10min+0d 0h 0min201+0NO
37rus6215+07d 2h 36min+0d 0h 0min205+0NO
38alpha158+01d 23h 20min+0d 0h 0min154+0NO
39jesterKing64+02d 17h 14min+0d 0h 0min52+0NO
40soloist61+01d 20h 4min+0d 0h 0min56+0NO
41rebldomine49+01d 22h 20min+0d 0h 0min44+0NO
42ladypcer19+00d 4h 11min+0d 0h 0min1+0NO
43pfb17+00d 5h 18min+0d 0h 0min16+0NO
44Scoofy123+00d 1h 54min+0d 0h 0min3+0NO
45jeepdude2+00d 0h 42min+0d 0h 0min2+0NO
46Wirthi2+00d 1h 2min+0d 0h 0min2+0NO
 TOTALS1024773+11918907d 4h 40min+2d 18h 10min105521+0