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Name: Jeff
State: NY
Country: USA
I've been into video games since the late 70's and for the most part, I grew up in Aladdin's Castle practically my entire pre-20's life.

When I couldn't be at the arcade, I still wanted to play games so hand-helds were just a natural progression. At 12 or 13 years old, I saved enough money to buy a few games that included Coleco's Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. I remember receiving my Adventure Vision for Christmas in '82(maybe '83) and a Bandai Crazy Climber for my birthday also in '82.

Because of my infatuation with this little system, the Entex Adventure Vision was, by far, the easiest gift my parents ever had to decide on. When my mother or father would go shopping at the local mall, I would instantly wander to the toy store, Kay-Bee Toys, and just stand and stare at this little system. I don't know if there was/is a subliminal nudie picture on the front of it or if I just thougt it was a thing of beauty. I have always loved this thing.

Well enough of my babbling,
  Jeff(self-proclaimed Vidiot)
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