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Name: Greg
State: CA
Country: USA
"It's Christmas Eve, The wife's shopping and I'm bored, so here's a story for you. I bought my system around mid-'84. There was a toy store chain in Northern California called King Normans. The "King" put his son the "Prince", no joke that's what they were called, in charge of purchasing.
Well he purchased about $500,000 in video games and systems and they didn't sell very well. The chain filed for bankruptcy and had to liquidate.
They were selling new game cartridges for 99 cents. I had never heard of Adventure Vision until I was at the store buying Intellivision cartridges. They had one Adventure Vision and only the Turtles game left. I would have bought all the games if they had them. The system almost was thrown away 5 months ago, but I was able to spare it's life." - Greg
NOTE:Greg no longer has this system.
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