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These are the first prototypes of the AdventureVision system. The pictures were sent here by Robert McCaslin, the system's creator, who stated that he "designed and built the first prototype over a long weekend in 1982." All I can say is too cool.
Adventure Vision *PROTOTYPE* Adventure Vision *PROTOTYPE*
Some words from Robert..."Attached you will find photos of the 1st, 2nd and final Adventure Vision designs. I used the first prototype to prove the concept of a simple rotating display using modulated LED's . We actually played Asteroids on the first prototype which was controlled by an Apple II computer. Version 2 was the design I used to sell the concept, it was powered by 2 National Semiconductor " COPS microprocessors, running in parallel. However, the COPS processors were far too slow to update the display in the 8 milli seconds available during the rotation of the mirror. Version 3 was the proto using the 8051 processor."
Adventure Vision *PROTOTYPE*
On a personal note... I really wish the "V" in the marquee and the cool joystick pictured above made it into the final system specs. I have always thought they added a little "umph" to the system as a whole.

He also included a picture of the lab where his development work was done...
Adventure Vision *PROTOTYPE*

Many, MANY thanks go to Robert for sending these pictures. They are a valuable part of the system's history and will forever have a home here at

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